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A Certified Cat Behaviorist You Can Count On

Everything you need to know about co-existing with cats. Sue’s guest is Rachel Geller, cat behavior specialist.

Dr. Rachel Geller discusses her mission to help keep cats with their owners, by solving cat behavioral problems.

Dr. Rachel Geller suggests ways that dogs & cats can live harmoniously. Despite the classic idiom "fighting like cats and dogs," there are many dogs that are good with cats.

Dr. Rachel Geller provides insight into the science of pheromones: what they are, how they work, and how they can help your cat.

Dr. Rachel Geller joins 2 other experts in the field to tackle one of our deepest fears: do our cats really love us as much or need us as much as we need them?

Stacy is once again joined by Dr. Rachel Geller, who has previously appeared on CCP Episode 18 and Episode 146. A certified Humane Education Specialist and Cat Behavior & Retention Specialist, Rachel is celebrating the launch of her new book, Saving the World One Cat at a Time.

Tracie answers cat questions from listeners (for which they receive a coupon for a free Comfort Zone pheromone diffuser) with Rachel Geller, who has a new book SAVING THE WORLD, ONE CAT AT A TIME.

...on this episode of Hack the Chat where we talk to Rachel Geller, Ed. D, cat behaviorist, pet chaplain, and humane education specialist about all things feline-related.

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