Ensure Your Cat’s Well-Being

Providing You With Insight on Your Cat’s Behavior

Understanding Your Cat's Behaviors and What They Mean

Do you want to understand why your cats do certain things? Based in Newton, MA, Rachel S. Geller, Ed.D. advises you on how to resolve your cat's behavioral and emotional problems.


I'm Here For You

I am a certified Humane Education Specialist and a Cat Behavior and Retention Specialist by the Humane Society of the United States. I am also accredited by the Association for Veterinary Pastoral Education as a certified pet chaplain.

Whether your cat is avoiding the litter box, acting hostile toward another animal in the same household, scratching the furniture, or showing signs of separation anxiety, I can help you.

You may also turn to me for advice in choosing the perfect cat for your household. I will assist you in integrating your new cat into your family. Rest easy knowing that I offer easy-to-implement solutions and answers based on my lifelong understanding of cats and their behaviors.


Mission Statement

My personal mission in life is to create harmonious relationships between cats and their owners without any financial barriers that might prevent cat owners from being able to keep their cat in their home due to behavioral issues.

What I Do For Cats

I provide my services to animal shelters for pro bono. I work hard to raise awareness about surrender prevention so that people don't have to decide whether they should put their cats up for adoption due to behavior issues.

Most of my work can be done online. Over the years, I have given various free webinars and live lectures on different cat behavior topics.


Let’s Talk About Your Cat

Contact me today for more information. Trust that I am 100% available when needed for follow up and questions.